Friday, December 28, 2018

Digitally ENHANCED Direct Mail: Direct Mail, But Better

Direct mail has been the foundation of great marketing programs since the days of the Pony Express. From cheerful birthday cards to heart-tugging nonprofit appeals, there is something about a printed piece that’s special. Now there is something that makes it even better. We call it Enhanced Direct Mail.
Digital marketing channels like email, social media, telemarketing, and online ads all compete for your customers’ attention. What if you could combine the power of direct mail with the cost effectiveness of digital channels so that instead of competing with one another, they work together?
You can. With Enhanced Direct Mail, we can match your target audience in your mailing and email lists to their social media and IP addresses (matching at a rate of about 70%). We integrate them into a single program so that your direct mail piece can be automatically followed up with a reminder email, a phone call, or online ad. One mail piece triggers multiple touches, each reinforcing your message and working to dramatically increase your response rate.
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Online advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Telemarketing
But wait—it gets better. Every piece of mail that leaves our shop is also tracked. We know where it is going, when it hits, and soon will even know the time of day it hits. This allows you to combine your channels in the right order at exactly the right time.
What does this look like in action? Say you are a charity benefiting underprivileged children. The donor comes home, opens his or her mail, and sees your end-of-year fundraising appeal. Later that night, they check Facebook and see an online ad with the same message. This triggers them to go back to the mail piece. Or, since they’ve already seen the appeal, they might decide to make a donation right then and there.  You could also follow up with an email or phone call.
Regardless of the channel (or channels) you use, the important thing is that one piece of mail generates multiple, integrated touches. The more marketing touches a prospect receives, the more likely they are turn to into a customer. It’s no wonder that Enhanced Direct Mail clients are seeing returns of 20%, 30%, and even 40%.  
This works for reward programs, too. Let’s say you have both postal and email addresses, so you set up a program with direct mail to be followed by reminder emails. The day after the loyalty member receives the mailer with their updated loyalty information, they might get an email that says, “Did you get our postcard? Don’t forget to redeem your points!” Or you can set it up the other way around. Send the email before the postcard hits. “Your rewards points are on their way! Don’t miss them!”
No matter how you use Enhanced Direct Mail, you can’t beat the ROI. Like any great team, marketing channels work better together. So check it out — one program, multiple channels, and integrated touches. It’s only pennies on the dollar, and you cannot beat the results. 

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