Friday, June 22, 2018

Showcasing Print in an Omnichannel World

Print remains the bedrock of great marketing. However, marketing still needs to be multi-channel. As put so well by Lazar Dzamic of Kitcatt Nohr Digitas, a London-based creative agency, “People don’t think ‘offline’ and ‘online.’ They just see a brand in all its touch points.” In other words, there isn’t print marketing and digital marketing. It’s all just marketing. So how does print fit into this larger, omnichannel world?
Regardless of channel, marketing success starts with data. You want to gather as much data about your target audience as possible to make the message richer and more effective. You also want to present a consistent brand and marketing message across channels.
Here are some best practices to get you started:
    Verify and correct existing customer data.
    Update and expand on that data to learn as much as possible about each customer.
    Segment messages based on full customer profiles.
    Layer on personalization.
    Be consistent in your branding and messaging across all touch points.
When you develop the print portion of your campaigns, focus on those aspects that are unique to print or that are particularly suited for it:
    Invest in exceptional design that leaps off the page. 
    Capture the richness and depth of printed color to create a lasting impression that digital cannot match.
    Add special effects such as coating, die-cuts, or embossing.
    Integrate tactile media such as textured surfaces, unusual coatings, or memorable stocks.
    Use dimension, folds, pulls, and other interactive elements to create a physical 3D experience.
Print offers unique benefits that cannot be replicated on a screen. Take advantage of them!

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